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Keith M Sudano
748-C St Andrews Blvd
Charleston, SC 29407


" I think there's something to be said about integrity.  I am sure you have it.  I was insecure and uncertain...and very, very scared.  It will never be there again.  This I know for certain...All I can say is thank you from the bottom of my heart."  Stephen C (Used with permission of client)




Keith M. Sudano, A.C.H, NLP- Aside from my 16 years + professional experience Let's try something different here:

                  I had always had a fear of dentists. I realized at one point when I walked into my Dentists office last time that I only cared if someone cared about what I was going through. Would she listen when I told her that I wanted the Nitrous the first time without ignoring me like other dentists had done?  In essence...did she care about me?  Yes, it is a given that she needed to know how to do a filling and give a shot of Novocain.  But anyone can learn that, but it was the other stuff we all really care about.  It is the other thing (being loved) that will keep us all coming back.

                  In Counseling, Life Coaching, Spiritual teaching, Therapy, and other mental health modalities it is a bit different.  We are dealing with the Mind and deeper forces that create the physical.  We are dealing with the very building blocks of what makes all things.  I do not believe this can be taught in a school.  Something Madame Blavatsky who writes of a spiritual/informational revolution says.  She writes that the new spiritual revolution will not be led by people in power.  They will be ordinary everyday people...yes... former Cab drivers, School teachers, Graphic designers and Musicians.

                 I think of some of the great teachers like Marianne Williamson who was a night club singer before she became a Spiritual teacher.  Louise Hay who was a Dancer, Dennis Whaley who was a salesman, Zig Ziglar who was a preacher, Dr. Wayne Dyer who was a school teacher and Keith Sudano who used to be a  musician.  We are called to do this...this is not something we "pick" consciously. I would like to quote the Course in Miracles here:

                  P-3.II.2. First, the professional therapist is in an excellent position to demonstrate that there is no order of difficulty in healing. 2 For this, however, he needs special training, because the curriculum by which he became a therapist probably taught him little or nothing about the real principles of healing. 3 In fact, it probably taught him how to make healing impossible. 4 Most of the world's teaching follows a curriculum in judgment, with the aim of making the therapist a judge.

                It is a fact that I have assisted hundreds of people help themselves.  I have helped them make true and real change in their lives...using what is in them. Utilizing the symptoms (trials, problems and issues) in their life circumstances to save them copious amounts of time.  No dogma, and especially no judgment. Using what these great masters have been teaching and trying to tell us for thousands of years. 

              I am nobody special.  I am one of you.  I am your friend who cares for you and wants to see you connected and contented.  I want to help you help yourself.  I want to show you that I care about you.*

              In truth, my clients are my greatest advertisement.  Every client testimonial on this site is true and authorized.  They are also only a few of the hundreds I was given by the greatest people in my life... the people who have entrusted me with their growth and to assist them to know their higher selves...to you...my clients.  Thank you.

 * I wanted to add the word "Love" instead of  "care about" in these sections.  But I realized that some may use the worlds measurement of "special" love instead of the true meaning of it.  Love is a Noun, it is not a verb.  You are Love...whether you know that yet or not...it is how things truly are.

Most of all, I have taken a beating in life.  I have had the "Quantum Shift" Dr. Wayne Dyer speaks about so often. 

Keith Sudano is a:

  • Professional Experienced Personal Life Coach (Motivation/Direction, Unblocking your mind/future) Over 16 years professional practice experience

  • Experienced Professional Spiritual Teacher Over 16 years professional experience

  • Professional Certified Hypnotist Specializing in all forms of hypnosis (Dynamic/Interactive/Suggestive)

  • Master practitioner Neuro Linguistic Programming

"One does not have to be "broken" to grow, awakening IS the most important thing you will EVER do. It is where we all are going..."

The most intriguing aspect of Keith's "style" is his holistic, spiritual approach to all things. The "Wholeness" of every person is taken into complete account and with his extensive research into Past life research and his ability to communicate Varied aspects of Science, Theology & Psychological principles to each person, the results and feedback have been overwhelmingly positive.

See: Keith Sudano- Personal Life Coach/Spiritual Teacher for Life Coaching and/or spiritual counseling based on Dr. Michael Ryce, A Course in Miracles, Eckhart Tolle, Deepak Chopra, Dr. Brian Weiss, Wayne Dyer, Louise Hay, Gary Zukav, Dr. Bernie Siegel, Don Miguel Ruiz, Robert Perry and many, many more.

Below was not written by me, but I follow it implicitly. It was written by Dr. Michael Ryce.

My Commitment
l promise to TRUST you enough to tell you the Truth and be true to you. I commit to always be sweetness in your life, to nurture you daily and treat you Lovingly, Gently and with Respect in my thoughts, words and actions, whether in your presence or not.

ln every interaction l commit to affection for you, to look for and acknowledge the highest and best in you and surrender to LOVE, our true nature. My connection to my Source, my relationship with you and our Serenity will always be more important than any issue. l open my heart to embrace you in my Love, l open my heart to be embraced in your Love.

lf anything unlike LOVE comes up, l will hold us in my heart and listen as l learn to speak, experience and be RESPONSE-ABLE for my own realities. l am here for and with you. l promise to keep communication open and keep LOVE conscious, active and present AS WE HEAL, CELEBRATE LlFE and GROW TOGETHER!


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